Kas ir BEE BITE Un Kā Tas Radies? | BEE BITE

BEE BREAD - Naturally formed product with the highest amount of biologically active substances and diversity in the world. Take care of your energy and immune system with Bee Bite.

Bee Bite is the only 100% natural bee bread pastilles in Latvia that are approved by Food Veterinary Service. Reg.nr.: 10404. 






Blood composition

Bee bread

BEE BITE pastilles are easy-to-use, 100% natural food supplement that consists of bee bread collected and manufactured exclusively in Latvia. In order to improve the taste and grant it with extra vitamins, for the first time ever we are offering bee bread pastilles with blackcurrant, red bilberries and sea buckthorn. Each Bee Bite pastille is rich in vitamins, proteins as well as amino acids. It gives you a lot of energy and strengthens your immune system.

What does Bee Bread contains?

Bee Bread contains all 20 amino acids, including 8 essential ones that can not be replaced. It is composed of vitamins A , B1 , B2, B3, B6 , C, E , D, K , PP , H , etc. Since these vitamins have been incurred naturally, unlike synthetically created vitamins, body is able to make full use of them. Bee Bread also contains iron, magnesium, calcium, potassium and many other minerals such as P , S, CI , Na, Cu, Zn , Co , Mo, ​​Se , Cr , Ni , Si.

Protein and fatty acids

Bee bread contains a lot more protein than, for example, meat, fish, milk, but in comparison to meat, body is not polluted with waste products, poisons, toxins. Bee bread contains large amounts of unsaturated fatty acids such as omega-3, omega-9 and omega-6, which is very necessary for normal functioning of human nerve cells.

Bee bread is recommended to strengthen immune system, vision, memory as well as to improve activity of digestive system. It also helps to improve composition of blood. It has strong properties against sclerosis and has been used as an effective tool for the rehabilitation of the body after taking antibiotics, in renewing the gastrointestinal micro flora. Bee bread has cholesterol binding properties, so it can be used to reduce the bad cholesterol in the blood. It is recommended in case of anemia, anorexia, neurosis, cardiovascular diseases, hepatitis . Quickly restores body strength after mental and physical exhaustion.