About Us – Bee Bite
BEE BITE is a family-owned business with more than 35 years of experience in beekeeping. As one of the leading beekeepers in Latvia we export honey and bee pollen to Germany, Spain, France, Scandinavia and other countries. In 2015, BEE BITE SIA was launched to focus on the production and sale of bee bread – one of the most valuable products of the bee hive. BEE BITE bee bread pastilles are a 100% natural food supplement approved by the Food and Veterinary Service of Latvia. Products are tested and analysed on a regular basis to comply with the company’s high quality standards

Behind the scenes

Bee Bite


As Zintiņa says “Anete will not stop until she gets what she wants” … and Anete hopes that one day Bee Bite will be used in almost every home

Bee Bite


Has been present since the very beginning. Without Zintiņas’ valuable advice, nothing would have happened. She is responsible for production and quality control

Bee Bite


Taking care of bees in Saldus since year 1995. Simply beekeeper of the year 2015

Bee Bite


“Bee lord” in second generation. Helps Aigars to cope with their millions of zealous workers

Why do we believe bee bread is the best there is?

A few years ago, the common notion was that beekeeping products are good. Why?! Most of us did not know. Nowadays beekeeping products such as pollen, bee bread, propolis have been tested in laboratories and the results are quite astonishing. Mice that were only fed bee bread for several months, came out to be quite happy mice, as they did not lack any nutrients after having such a specific diet. Need I say more?!

100% natural plant-based multivitamins

We would like to think about bee bread pastilles as the most natural multivitamins out there. There isn’t really another natural product that contains more than 240 biologically active ingredients. It just has it all - all the amino-acids, almost all the vitamins, except B12, omega 3 and omega 6, good bacteria, a huge variety of micro- and macro elements such as magnesium, calcium, manganese, iron and many others. Bee bread is 100% plant based, meaning that our body accepts the product and processes up to 98% of it, while chemically produced vitamins are mostly seen as unrecognisable elements by our body

Who should use BEE BITE every day?

We believe that our client is someone who really loves himself and his family. He loves his body and only wants what’s best for him. Bee Bite is not for those looking for a miracle cure in the pharmacy after eating E and E for years. It’s for those who wants to BEE active, BEE healthy, BEE natural with BEE BITE!!! We believe that the best things for us are the simple things, the ones that we understand! If you don’t understand what’s on the label and what your favourite chocolate is made from, maybe your body will not understand it as well?!
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