Propolis – Bee Bite
Propolis, Honey & Orange Pastilles
Main active ingredients: Propolis, Honey, Orange Propolis is a natural antimicrobial substance that purifies the throat by removing bacteria, viruses and fungi. It fights against the early localised symptoms of colds and of temporary colds. It relieves sore throat.Propolis soothes...
€6.10 €5.19
Organic Royal Jelly Vials 1000 mg
Active ingredients: Royal Jelly, Honey The Apis Sanctum® vials are primarily intended for people who wish to discover the virtues of royal jelly without having to taste it. They are recommended as a one-month course of treatment and provide 1000mg...
€15.80 €13.45
Vital Energy Honey mixture with Propolis and Royal Jelly
Main active ingredients: Honey, Propolis, Acerola, Royal Jelly, Papaya & Ginseng Propolis: Fights against the early symptoms of colds and improves the reactivity of the immune system. Royal Jelly: Improves the overall sense of well-being, fights against depressive disorders and...
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